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26% of Madman news is fabricated

June 19, 2007

A recent study on Wikipedia searches announced that a lot of searches are related to anime (visit the source for the full details).

We categorized the top 100 Wikipedia terms for April into six general categories to figure out what the major search themes are on Wikipedia.

AnimeNewsNetwork picked this up and ran with it.

According to research conducted by Compete, Inc., search terms related to anime accounted for 26% of the top one hundred searches on Wikipedia in the month of April. This represents the second-largest category of terms, behind only “general research” (28%). Source: Blog

Shortly after (and here is where the fun starts) Madman presumably noticed the story on ANN, and promptly reposted it with a few minor corrections.

Anime accounts for 26% of content on Wikipedia has recently taken a look at a break down of Wikipedia subjects. Surprisingly Anime accounts for a whopping 26% of its content, the single highest category of topics in Wikipedia.

Waitjustaminute. 26% of content on Wikipedia is now Anime? That summary is nothing like the ANN story, nor does it appear as if they even read the report. Shame on you, Madman editors!

Just for fun let’s see how much content that would be, a quick calculation puts that at roughly 474,000 articles. That’s a hell of a lot of Pokemon articles in anybody’s language!