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I Can Has A Comparison

September 3, 2007

Here I have put some effort into studying ALL the various ticketing options combined with other crucial information about location, venue and size.

I considered adding in estimates for budgets for each event but it is much harder to generate without having specific knowledge of each event’s costs.

Whilst anyone can find out venue costs, it only takes the tiniest bit of experience to know that the venue costs only make up for a fraction of the overall event budget.

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SMASH bans fanart and exposes members

July 11, 2007

SMASH bans fanart

SMASH appear to have presented a dichotomy for their stallholders by banning unauthorised fanart.
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Animania Brisbane no Vegas

July 6, 2007

Animania put on a 2-day event in Brisbane, however the event as a whole may be less than the sum of its parts.

In May the Animania Festival visited Brisbane with its first ever 2-day event in that city. (There were two separate 1-day Brisbane events in 2006).

This was also the first time video-games has featured as an event in Brisbane, this follows the inclusion of games at Melbourne and Sydney events earlier this year.
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Animania Melbourne

June 13, 2007

Back in Melbourne for 2007 the Animania Festival was in a new venue this year – the Rydges Hotel. They say it was a huge turnout, and I’m tempted to believe them considering the photos. Even though the venue was larger it still looked just as cramped as last year.

Honestly, I couldn’t find any third party reviews on the event. So all I can go on is the Animania report and the various blogs and photos around the web. Nothing interesting to report, looks like it went well and will be returning next year. The only question is will they use the same Hotel or move yet again to a larger venue?


SMASH dropped by more affiliates

June 10, 2007

Were they short term affiliates?

Did they vacate after being asked for money?

What the use is announcing someone as an affiliate if they don’t support you?

All these questions and more will not be answered on the SMASH website.

Only 3 to go!
It was only a matter of time to lose … after all you can’t really claim to have the Sydney Anime clubs Group as an affiliate if you don’t even have a majority of the Sydney Anime clubs as affiliates. That’s just silly.


SMASHing affiliates more

May 10, 2007

After “losing” JAUWS as an affiliate SMASH have now gone and “lost” AnimeUNSW’s support as well.

A brief history of affiliates:

Unlike in the case of JAUWS, SMASH actually had direct links to AnimeUNSW: Sidney Lien is listed as a committee member on SMASH’s schedule page and also posted a comment on the SMASH blog as staff member. That could only be the same Sidney Lien that is also a committee member for AnimeUNSW as stated on the club’s website.

I don’t know any details behind this drop, but considering SMASH are holding the event at the Roundhouse at UNSW, having the AnimeUNSW club on board would have no doubt gained them some extremely rich discounts for the venue hire.


SMASH accuses Animania of monopoly

April 18, 2007

Earlier this year a blog called “Comic World Sydney” appeared, this was apparently a new Anime convention in Sydney being organised primarily by Katie Huang. Whilst this in itself could be considered good news that a new anime convention was starting in Sydney, it became clear that their primary marketing tactic (and possibly their primary goal) was to be in direct competition of the Animania Festival. Not only that, they were imploring artists and attendees to boycott the Animania Festival.
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