I Can Has A Comparison

September 3, 2007

Here I have put some effort into studying ALL the various ticketing options combined with other crucial information about location, venue and size.

I considered adding in estimates for budgets for each event but it is much harder to generate without having specific knowledge of each event’s costs.

Whilst anyone can find out venue costs, it only takes the tiniest bit of experience to know that the venue costs only make up for a fraction of the overall event budget.

Just the ticket

Animania’s weekend passes are noticeably greater than the other events so obviously these are the numbers that some people focus on in order to single out Animania. I will not try to make up a defence for those prices but I will show below that in the bigger picture things are not so clear.

The day passes for an Adult at Animania are the same as Wai-Con, Manifest is also a very close second with their door prices only $5 cheaper than at Animania/Wai-Con. The day passes for a Child at Animania are only $2 more expensive than at Manifest. Animania also has the most generous definition of “Child” being up to 15 years. Manifest chooses 14 years, at Supanova a child is 12 years, Wai-con is only 11 years, and AV-Con does not appear to have child prices.

Where art thou?

I have ranked the location of each event based on closeness to CBD as well as time taken and bonus points for multiple public transport options.

1. Animania. Sydney Town Hall is No.1 for public transport, it is literally in the centre of the city right above the train station so you can take your pick of train and bus services. No free parking but plenty of parking stations around the CBD.

2. Armageddon. Melbourne Exhibition Centre is on the outskirts of the CBD and is accessible via Tram or a moderate walk from Spencer or Flinders Street train stations. Plenty of parking onsite.

3. Wai-Con. Perth Exhibition Centre appears to be on the outskirts of the CBD (my lack of familiarity with Perth is exposed here). It is a moderate walk (10-20 mins) from the city and some bus services.

4. Manifest. Melbourne Uni is a moderate to long walk from the CBD but there are trams and various parking options in and around the Uni.

5. AVCon. Adelaide Uni is at the “edge” of the CBD, so walking distance depends on where you are starting from. Your best option to get to Adelaide Uni is probably to drive. Failing that you can get a bus.

6. Supanova. Sydney Olympic Park is at Homebush, which any local will tell you is not exactly the centre of the universe. There is plenty of parking “at” Olympic Park but expect to walk 10-20mins or longer after parking. By train you have to change at Lidcombe which is roughly 20-30mins from the city. There you must take a connecting service to Olympic Park – so expect a trip of up to an hour if coming from the city by train.

How long is a Weekend?

Animania: 23 hrs (5-10pm Fri, 10-7pm Sat, 10-7pm Sun.)
Supanova: 20 hrs (6-10pm Fri, 10-6pm Sat, 10-6pm Sun.)
Manifest: 29 hrs (2-9pm Fri, 10-9pm Sat, 10-9pm Sun.)
Wai-con: 2 days only, who knows what times?
AVCon: 2 days only?
Armageddon: ?

Manifest has the longest running times but their preliminary schedule looks quite empty at several times in the day (perhaps this will change… soon). Animania is second place with running time of 23 hrs over 3 days.

The cold hard facts

Animania Festival
When: 28-30 September
Where: Sydney Town Hall, Sydney NSW
Last reported attendance: N/A
Ticket costs:

Day pass: $30 (prepaid) – $35 (door)
Weekend: $49.50 (prepaid only)
Child (5-15 years):
Day pass: $20 (prepaid) – $25 (door)
Weekend: $34.50 (prepaid only)

When: 12-14 October
Where: The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush NSW.
Last reported attendance: 8,000 (year 2006)
Ticket costs:

Day pass: $20 + booking fee for prepaid
Weekend: $30 + booking fee for prepaid
Child (6-12 years):
Day pass: $10 + booking fee for prepaid
Weekend: N/A

When: September 14-16
Where: University of Melbourne, VIC
Last reported attendance: 3,500 (year 2006)
Ticket costs:

Day Pass $15 (1.5 month prior) – $22 (prepaid) – $30 (door)
Weekend $27 (1.5 month prior) – $33 (prepaid) – $40 (door)
Child (1? to 14 years):
Day Pass $12 (1.5 month prior) – $17 (prepaid) – $23 (door)
Weekend $21 (1.5 month prior) – $25 (prepaid) – $30 (door)

When: 15-16 December
Where: Perth Convention Centre, WA
Last reported attendance: 700 (year 2005)
Ticket costs:

Day pass $30 (prepaid) – $35 (door)
Weekend $35 (prepaid) – $40 (door)
Child (1? to 11 years):
Day pass $15 (prepaid) – $17.50 (door)
Weekend $17.50 (prepaid) – $20 (door)

When: 20-22 July
Where: Adelaide University, SA
Last reported attendance: 1,450 (year 2006)
Ticket costs:

Day pass: N/A (around $20?)
Weekend: $30 (prepaid only?)
Child: N/A?

Armageddon Expo
When: 13-14 October
Where: Melbourne Exhibition Centre, VIC
Last reported attendance: N/A (first time in Melbourne)
Ticket costs:

Day pass: $16
Weekend: $28
Child (1? to 12 years):
Day pass: $10
Weekend: $17


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  1. No reviews of ANY of the last four big anime conventions? Disappointing…

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