Animania Brisbane no Vegas

July 6, 2007

Animania put on a 2-day event in Brisbane, however the event as a whole may be less than the sum of its parts.

In May the Animania Festival visited Brisbane with its first ever 2-day event in that city. (There were two separate 1-day Brisbane events in 2006).

This was also the first time video-games has featured as an event in Brisbane, this follows the inclusion of games at Melbourne and Sydney events earlier this year.

There were no complaints about the running of the event on the Animania Forums other than a heated discussion about the Cosplay competition in regard to the rules and judging process. I did not come across any reviews from browsing other usual anime forums.

However a new review on the event by Luke Carroll recently appeared on the Anime News Network Australian site, you can read it here.

every step Animania takes forward, it takes two of them back.

the Halcyon performance and the attempted improvements definitely makes this Animania close to the best Brisbane has had.

if you want something that is similar to Supanova, full of fun events or stalls, do not bother as Animania as it currently stands pails in almost everyway

As you can see from the quotes above the article attempts to give a fair review but the wildly contrasting opinions make it read more like a personal blog than an unbiased report. I will not go into great detail about the opinions included however the writer did highlight some areas where Animania can improve on, in short: registration process, vendors, and events.

These are all common concerns I hear raised about any similar event, faster registration, more vendors and more events, however given the report it sounds like these these are more likely critical areas that Animania needs to improve on in order to grow with future Brisbane events.

In terms of attendance, Day 2 of the festival was noted as having a much smaller attendance than Day 1. This mirrors the apparent effect at the main Sydney event where Sunday is always perceived as being much quieter than Saturday. Given that many people invariably have commitments on Sunday and that the Brisbane scheduling made Day 2 a carbon copy of Day 1 (except lacking in a Halcyon band performance) it is not really surprising to me that Day 2 was so lacklustre.

Animania managed to pull off a 2-day anime event in Brisbane, but even so they are lacking the ingredients that make the attendees really want to come back for the second day. There are no doubts that Animania will return to Brisbane next year but it will be interesting to see if they return with another 2-day event or revert to their previous scheduling.


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