Armageddon retreats, Supanova follows

June 14, 2007

In the war of the pop-culture conventions the most important battle will be over before the gates even open.

I have strong reasons to believe the majority of income from both conventions is from their attendance, but from what I’ve been reading and hearing for years is that people attend these conventions because of the vendors. Thus begins the battle for sponsors and (more importantly) vendors.

Sometime around 1 June someone from the Armageddon crew posted in a forum that they were moving their October convention to Melbourne instead of Sydney. This news spread like wildfire among the Supanova fans that were following this chain of events. Sometime after it was updated on Armageddon’s Australian event website: http://www.armageddonexpo.com/

Supanova’s response was rather positive, announcing they will reschedule their events next year to avoid a clash:

as I promised both Bill in an email months ago and Rob on the phone just last week, that if Armageddon chose not to clash with Supanova in Sydney this year we would give them their desired October dates in Sydney annually with a guaranteed two month prior unobstructed window (calculated from their Labour Day October holiday dates in Auckland annually). I’ll even add a one month after window so that everything can be as smooth as possible.

(emphasis from original)

Most vendors will not have the resources to attend both events on the same weekend and now that they are in different cities this isn’t going to make it any easier. Some groups such as OzTaku and Pulp Faction may have enough staffing to attend both events (in separate cities).

Madman is probably the only (anime related) vendor who can afford the time and staffing to attend both events. You can pretty much guarantee they’ll be at Supanova (one of Madman staff is also a Supanova staff), and with Armageddon in their home town they can’t miss it.

I expect over the next few months the other vendors will start picking sides however there is the possibility that now the events are in different cities fans will attend both events regardless of the vendors.

Perhaps this has moved from a lose-lose to a win-win situation for both events?


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