SMASHing affiliates more

May 10, 2007

After “losing” JAUWS as an affiliate SMASH have now gone and “lost” AnimeUNSW’s support as well.

A brief history of affiliates:

Unlike in the case of JAUWS, SMASH actually had direct links to AnimeUNSW: Sidney Lien is listed as a committee member on SMASH’s schedule page and also posted a comment on the SMASH blog as staff member. That could only be the same Sidney Lien that is also a committee member for AnimeUNSW as stated on the club’s website.

I don’t know any details behind this drop, but considering SMASH are holding the event at the Roundhouse at UNSW, having the AnimeUNSW club on board would have no doubt gained them some extremely rich discounts for the venue hire.


One comment

  1. Amazing what googling your own name will uncover.
    AnimeUNSW’s decision to pull out of Smash was due to several reasons.
    1, Smash automatically assumed that AnimeUNSW would be affiliated with Smash if the event was held at the Roundhouse.

    2, Assumptions that because I was a part of the Smash Commitee at the time that AnimeUNSW would completely support Smash.

    3, AnimeUNSW has had a history of support for Animania, there was a conflict of morals there as Smash did arrive guns blazing.

    4, I left involuntarily. There was a disagreement on the creative direction of Smash, and I was more or less ousted.

    That being said, AnimeUNSW is still having a stall there and my relationship with the Smash people are still good. Heck, I went to watch a movie with one of them a while back.
    None the less I wish them good luck in the convention that is about to happen in 9 or so hours.

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