Animania fallout (Sydney March)

April 16, 2007

I’ve been digging around for any reports (good or bad) from the Animania Festival event that was in Sydney a little over 2 weeks ago and thus far have found little to report. No rants. No conspiracy theories. No threats of boycotts.

The most interesting news was the attendance of artists who had previously called for an artist boycott of Animania (claiming it was too expensive for artists or the general public to attend). This included their apparent ringleader Katie Huang aka Poshua. More on that connection in a future post.

There are many random bloggers and forum posts talking about peoples personal experiences from the event, not to mention a 500+ post topic at the Animania Forums, but for here I’ll comment on the some reports I’ve found from the artists that attended.


There were some really nice cosplays and cute girls in lolita dresses~~

This was more an anecdote than an event report.


Was most piffed at the overly NARROW tables we were given. Like, wft, it was barely wide enough to fit my A3 folder on there. >_> I swear they were a lot wider last year.

The Stallholders Pack said the tables would be 60cm wide, so if infact that folder was 42cm (A3) then there would be cause for complaint.

Misikoni (I’m uncertain if they had an Artist table or were a general attendee):

all in all! Mini Animania was a GREAT event!!! i now cant wait until MAIN EVENT IN SEPTEMBER!

Again, this was more an anecdote than an event report.

There are no reports of attendance numbers. The stallholder’s guide reports an expected turnout of 1,000 people. I have yet to find any reports or photos to support or refute that claim.

Considering the sparse discussion on Madboards, and little or no discussions found on other local Anime related forums I believe that Animania may in fact be attracting a different crowd to previous years. I might even go as far to suggest they are building their own community of supporters. Nevertheless, the event also continues to garner strong support from the local Anime clubs with AnimeUNSW, JAUWS, SUAnime, and UTS Anime in attendance.

If you have any other news or reports from Animania please let me know.


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