AIcon overrules OFLC

April 8, 2007

Update (April 8th): the entire AIcon 2007 site appears to have been wiped within the last 24hours.

AI-CON is not a movie about a robot 2nd-hand car dealer, it is infact a 2 day Anime convention in Tasmania. AI-CON started in 2006 and, like many Anime conventions in Australia, it run primarily by the local Anime club with sponsorship from their University Union.

Thus far I have not heard any confirmed reports on attendance numbers for 2006 or 2007. I have heard unconfirmed reports that there were around 200 people, this is backed up by the news that Madman did not even bother to sell their goods there (Madman usually has a stall to sell their merchandise at every Anime related event in Australia).

Another report from the director of OzTaku described the event as “intimate“. I’m not sure if that is a reference to the size of the convention or the general vibe down in Tasmania.

A thread on the organiser’s forums brings a bit more insight into how the event went. I think the single best thing they have going is their great diversity of events. The number of different events even eclipses other much larger conventions.

The general vibe appears to be that most people enjoyed themselves, my personal opinion is that they will be able to continue on as a “niche” market in Tasmania, since Small Convention + Low Expectations = Happy Attendees. Well, until the OFLC busts them for their screenings. In their own words:

If a title is not yet rated, we make this clear on the screening list, and suggest a rating.

Well the OFLC is there for a reason, and giving “Fate/Stay Night” a rating of “G” when the OFLC has given it a rating of “M”, and Black Cat a rating of “PG” when the OFLC has also rated it “M”, I think it’s only a matter of time until the Men In Black arrive at their doorstep.

Or someone gets food poisoning from the sushi.



  1. You’re a little out of touch with what’s happening at AI-Con….


  2. Thanks Observer, that is an interesting side that I was not aware of until now.

    I can’t say that I agree with that opinion though, from my understanding of the situation AI-con is run by the A-Soc. AFAIK AI-con is not a registered entity, a trademark or a company name. It is simply the name of an event run by A-soc.

    Therefore it is given that A-Soc has full control over the funds, the staff and generally anything to do with the AI-con event. I assume that in the first year of AI-con, A-soc created the event and put up funding towards it. Any profits from AI-con would automatically go back to A-soc, and they would not be under any obligation to fund AI-con in future years.

    In the same light, anybody could create a company or non-profit entity to put on their own AI-con, if they wanted to challenge A-soc on the naming of the event they might win too (IANAL).

  3. Just giving you a heads up – I found your idea that the OFLC were going to bring AI-Con down amusing, given that the current big news is that they’re more likely to self-implode before then. The website is down as part of the afore-mentioned internal disputes, rather than to hide their show classifications…! 🙂

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