Armageddon smashes Supanova

April 6, 2007

Supanova has announced a rather short looking list of special guests for their upcoming Brisbane event. The only name I recognise Billy Dee Williams, you may remember him from such movies as Star Wars: Episode V. 27 years after the movie and he’s still doing the rounds… that’s impressive!

Also coming is Doug Jones, famous for playing “Dead Iraqi Soldier” in Three Kings. I hear he’s moved onto even bigger things now. Oh and not to forget the usual anime dub “actors” from USA, this time from Naruto. You can bet all the anime fans will rejoice with that exciting news.

However I think Supanova has bigger things to worry about… first a little bit of history:

Up until 2004 Supanova regularly held their events biannually, with one Sydney event around April and Brisbane around September. Also take note of a relatively small Anime convention called Animania that had held October events in Sydney annually.

Now move onto 2005. Supanova announces they are swapping their events so that they will be in Brisbane in April and Sydney in October. There were many rumours around for the reasons behind the change ranging from excuses that the venue (Wharf 8, Sydney) was unavailable, to conspiracy theories claiming they intended to smash Animania’s attendance. To be fair, there were also rumours that Animania had specifically set their dates to “hit back” at Supanova, by placing their event one week prior to Supanova’s. The true reason (as released by the event organisers) was that Supanova had to re-align their event with Armageddon Pulp Expo – a similar convention in New Zealand – so that they can “recycle” the special guests that attend that event.

Ok now that you’ve got a picture of the convention scene in Sydney, jump back to the present day 2007. Armageddon has just announced they will be holding their inaugural Australian event on the exact same weekend of Supanova, in Sydney.

That’s right, two “pop culture” events who share the same special guests and target the exact same audience will be on the SAME WEEKEND. Hell, they even share some of the same sponsors. I’m going to keep my eye on this, because I expecting sparks to fly!


One comment

  1. Yeah, having two remarkably similar events on the same weekend is definitely not a good idea. Supanova already has the established brand people will respond to; on the other hand, Armageddon is such a huge event in NZ that they can probably find the resources to outpromote Supanova. The only way to avoid a split audience would be for one or both events to change dates, but at this stage neither of them seem to be willing to do so.

    What might be worth noting is that Armageddon has already published a respectable list of guests attending their October event in Sydney. It’s still six months away! Given that neither Supanova nor Armageddon can normally manage to announce so many guests so far ahead, I can only guess that they’re going to great lengths to ensure that the inaugural Sydney Armageddon has everything going for it.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens. At any rate, even if the dates for this year don’t change I’m sure it’s something that won’t be repeated – I’m guessing both parties will learn that it’s a mistake. But as to whether one of them will emerge a clear “winner” – we’ll just have to wait and see. Who knows? Maybe the competition will prove to be a good thing for future events.

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