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SMASH accuses Animania of monopoly

April 18, 2007

Earlier this year a blog called “Comic World Sydney” appeared, this was apparently a new Anime convention in Sydney being organised primarily by Katie Huang. Whilst this in itself could be considered good news that a new anime convention was starting in Sydney, it became clear that their primary marketing tactic (and possibly their primary goal) was to be in direct competition of the Animania Festival. Not only that, they were imploring artists and attendees to boycott the Animania Festival.
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Animania fallout (Sydney March)

April 16, 2007

I’ve been digging around for any reports (good or bad) from the Animania Festival event that was in Sydney a little over 2 weeks ago and thus far have found little to report. No rants. No conspiracy theories. No threats of boycotts.
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SMASHing affiliates

April 12, 2007

SMASH’s new website had been up for less than a week when a keen observer noticed a change in SMASH’s advertised affiliates:

Notice anyone missing?

Whilst at face value this is a very minor change, it may also be a reflection of the tactics of the organisers. Either JAUWS revoked their support of SMASH or perhaps they had never given support in the first place. This in turn raises the question of how many of the other affiliates are actually supporters?


AIcon overrules OFLC

April 8, 2007

Update (April 8th): the entire AIcon 2007 site appears to have been wiped within the last 24hours.

AI-CON is not a movie about a robot 2nd-hand car dealer, it is infact a 2 day Anime convention in Tasmania. AI-CON started in 2006 and, like many Anime conventions in Australia, it run primarily by the local Anime club with sponsorship from their University Union.
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Armageddon smashes Supanova

April 6, 2007

Supanova has announced a rather short looking list of special guests for their upcoming Brisbane event. The only name I recognise Billy Dee Williams, you may remember him from such movies as Star Wars: Episode V. 27 years after the movie and he’s still doing the rounds… that’s impressive!

Also coming is Doug Jones, famous for playing “Dead Iraqi Soldier” in Three Kings. I hear he’s moved onto even bigger things now. Oh and not to forget the usual anime dub “actors” from USA, this time from Naruto. You can bet all the anime fans will rejoice with that exciting news.

However I think Supanova has bigger things to worry about… first a little bit of history:
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